Holistic Design for Infants and Children

The importance of Holistic Design for infants and children

You have spent months planning and reading up on how to prepare your body for pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby, you have eaten all the right foods, taken prenatal vitamins, researched childbirth classes, plan to breastfeed and written a birth plan. Perhaps you have hired a Doula, planned a natural birth either in the home, birth center or hospital. What an exciting and special time in life!

Fixing up the nursery is one of the most exciting things you’ll do in preparation for your baby’s arrival. It is another way of showing love for your unborn child.

While we often think of what we put into our bodies while carrying our babies we may not necessarily be concerned or even realize what kind of environment we are bringing baby home to.

mother and babyAccording to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, infants and children are exposed to higher concentrations of pollutants and toxic compounds found in their environments because they breathe more air, drink more water and eat more food in proportion to body weight than adults do. In addition their skin is more permeable to certain toxins and as they learn to crawl and play they are exposed to pollutants on the floors.

A baby’s immune system is not fully developed until he/she is about 6 months old making them even more susceptible to things. We are fortunate that nature has compensated for this by enabling mothers with the ability to transfer immunity onto their baby( passive immunity) by way of antibodies through breast milk., however most people are unaware that materials typically found in a child’s nursery can endanger their child’s health and degrade the quality of the environment.

These days, most conventional products parents may choose to decorate a new nursery with including wall paper, carpeting, baby furniture, bedding and even clothing can contain toxic or irritating components. Carpeting absorbs dust mites, lead, dust, pesticides, pathogens, allergens and many other air-borne and tracked-in compounds from the day of installation.

Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution the US has created over 80,000 chemicals. It is assumed that all of these chemicals are safe when in fact , many have proven to cause cancer, developmental disabilities and other illnesses. Most of the time these chemicals stay in the body forever where they are stored in the liver and body fat of humans.

baby nurseryDid you know that cribs, changing tables, and shelving that contain laminated wood, particle board, pressed wood or chip board release formaldehyde into the environment? All paint gives off fumes. It is best not to paint during pregnancy or when you have children under one year old in the house. Oils based paints , and polyurethane finishes include solvents know as volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). VOC’S such as formaldehyde , benzene and ethylene, chlorides are known or suspected carcinogens.

While we cannot protect our infants and children from everything we can learn how to create environments that support their health and wellbeing by becoming educated about what products we choose to expose them to so they can have a strong foundation to build on for optimal health through out their lifetimes.

I can make suggestions and refer you to resources that will enable you to provide the safest possible environment for your newborn and children as well as creating a beautiful environment that will support them energetically and foster learning and creativity through Feng Shui and the right use of color.

For instance did you know that small babies are very sensitive and vulnerable to strong color?

Studies show that infants cry more frequently in rooms that are painted yellow. If your child suffers from colic or asthma warmer colors are more beneficial while a child who is more hyperactive needs cooler calming colors.

Through a combination of Eco Friendly , Environmentally Safe materials, Feng Shui and Chromtherapy you can provide a lifelong foundation for your children physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Call for a consultation today.

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