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Space Cleansing and Home Blessing Packages

Everything that happens in our environment leaves an energetic imprint whether it be positive or negative. Our thoughts and emotions are absorbed into the environment and imprint on the walls, ceilings and furnishings like dust and can accumulate and influence the way we feel.

Have you ever walked into a space and noticed that it may feel heavy and dull or vibrant and radiant? On an intuitive level, we pick up on the energy of any space we enter. Everyone has had the experience of walking into a room that just feels good. When a space is subject to positive influences, it will tend to hold that charge and assist those living and working in the environment. Negative influences such as arguments, misfortune and illness can have the opposite effect.

Space cleansing has been practiced in every society throughout history. Methods differ from culture to culture but the intention is the same . In the West people use spring cleaning as a way to clear out the old energy and bring in the new. Space Clearing takes spring cleaning up a notch!

As a result of space cleansing your home or business will fell lighter, happier and free of negative influences. People report that they feel a release from past anxieties and anchors they might not have realized were weighing them down from struggles in the their past.

Blessing Ceremonies set the intention for a bright future , symbolize new beginnings and provide a sense of emotional and spiritual change.

For both homes and business’s the value of Space Cleansing and Blessing Ceremonies lies inherently in the ability to regenerate and revitalize environments for success!

I consider cleansings and blessings to be a collaborative and co-creative journey with you . I offer tips and techniques that help you maintain and sustain positive changes in your environment empowering you so that you can continue to nourish the space and flourish!

Reasons for space clearing

Moving into a new home or office space

The space will carry the energetic remains from all people who were there previously. Clearing the energetic imprints left by former occupants’ patterns of behavior and possible misfortune will help align your new space positively and infuse it with your own intentions, energy and traditions.

After Misfortune

Clearing a space after illness, divorce, death, arguments, and accidents is absolutely essential to facilitate a release of any residual emotions, pain, suffering and sorrow. In cases of chronic, recurring or extended illness, the energy field of your near environment can reflect and sustain the vibration a pattern of illness and depression reinforcing the condition in your body. An individual might unknowingly move into a residence that has a similar vibration to a disease for which they have a propensity. When these two factors combine it can trigger a dormant illness and disease can set in. Because unbalanced patterns don’t affect everyone, and because energies of different frequencies can coexist in a space and never affect one another, an individual whose vibration resonates with the weakened energy pattern of a former occupant is more predisposed to developing that illness while other people who share the same environment do not come down with the illness. This explains why in certain situations some people get ill and some do not.

After remodeling or major construction projects.

Clearing out energies of builders and contractors. Space cleansing can also harmonize and integrate the new space with the original structure.

Before Celebrating or a rite of passage.

Before bringing in a new baby or before a marriage ceremony creating the perfect environment for generating fresh new beginnings.

Foreclosures or short sales.

These homes hold unfavorable financial energy within the walls and will carry the energetic remains of previous occupants.

As part of spring cleaning.

Space clearing is more than just spring cleaning and getting rid of clutter. After a good spring cleaning we can already feel a difference in the general atmosphere. In order to shift the energy at a deeper level, a different kind of clearing is necessary.

Anytime an energetic boost is needed.

Space clearing once or twice a year helps to purify your home of office while clarifying your goals and dreams will help you manifest your life’s purpose. For business’s that experience a lot of traffic or treat mental and physical conditions this can be refreshing and effective for revitalizing the environment.

Selling a home

Wanting to increase sales for your business. Space clearing can help increase productivity and sales as well as supporting the expansion of your new business. Real Estate Brokers have discovered that space clearing can dramatically accelerate property sales.

If you are on a budget and are not at the point where you can afford to make major changes in your environment, a Feng Shui consultation, Space Clearing and Blessing can help you to manifest what you desire in the future. Perfect for college students, Small Business owners, and people just starting out or starting over in life.

Space Cleansing and Home Blessing Packages Available from Tranquil Flow

The Shamanic Energetic Cleansing and Ayni Despacho

A Shamanic Energetic Clearing is very powerful. I perform a Carnation Cleanse utilizing a specially prepared cleansing mixture of alcohol and carefully selected essential oils that have been specifically charged for the purpose and Carnations which absorb and clear the negative energy.

24 hours after the cleansing I return, remove the carnations and will dispose of them in a natural body of water such as a lake or river.

After the Energetic Cleansing, an Ayni Despacho Blessing is performed. In the case of a space clearing, a Despacho is done to express or manifest what your intentions are for the space and what you would like to manifest in your life. By expressing love and gratitude from our hearts we manifest our intentions to attract more of what it is we are grateful for.

The items used in the Despacho are physical, Spiritual, tangible and intangible. They represent what is part of your life now and your intentions for what is to come next. We harmonize ourselves with nature by engaging ourselves in the sacred Ayni or spiritual act of reciprocity with the energies of the Universe.

As it is above so it is below, as it is in the inner so it is with the outer”

Feng Shui Energetic Cleansing and Blessing

Feng Shui Space Cleansing Ceremonies are typically performed to provide a satisfying conclusion to the Feng Shui Consultation and implementation of Cures. Creating a healthy Feng Shui environment can visibly help you progress towards achieving their goals and can be a significant accomplishment as well as a highly emotional experience. These ceremonies symbolize clients’ new beginnings, bright futures, and provide a sense of emotional and spiritual change. This will solidify and support the “Chi” flow. Space cleansing ceremonies are also powerful Feng Shui Cures.

Feng Shui Blessing ceremonies can include Incense, Scented Candles, Bells, Cymbals, Singing Bowels and Clapping. Different ceremony options include Rice Ceremonies, Orange Peel Ceremonies and Salt ceremonies. Ceremonies can be personalized to the client.

In all cases the performance of the ceremonies benefit from the positive atmosphere created by daylight and good weather. This allows fresh energy to enter through the windows once the ceremony is over.

Feng Shui does not connect to any Religion. Religious You are free to connect their own faith with their own Feng Shui Experience. You may want to bring in a Minister or Priest to say a brief prayer or mantra room to room in the beginning, middle or end of the space cleansing ceremony. This creates a very personal connection to your religion, and the commitment to the positive changes made throughout the Feng Shui process.

Please feel free to call me for a 10 minute consultation about space clearing.