Healing Places and Sacred Spaces

Healing Places / Business

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  • Are you a Mental Health Professional or Complimentary and Integrative Healing Practitioner?
  • Do you want to find a location that supports your energy so your practice can thrive?
  • Does your current space reflect the healing atmosphere you wish to present to your patients or clients?
As a Classical Feng Shui Practitioner I can help you find the right location that aligns with your unique energy that can be used to your advantage or I can evaluate your current location and help you create a plan that will improve the quality of your work environment , help you prosper and create a sanctuary that will nurture all who enter.

In Feng Shui the concept of “Body Mind” not only applies to the built environment but also to human beings. An analysis will be done based on your birth date, the construction date and compass reading of the location which will provide information that will enable me to customize your space to reflect your own energy , correct any imbalances that are present and create an environment that will positively impact your clients/patients well being and enhance their capacity to heal. Feng Shui can also be applied to Wellness Centers, Physician’s Offices, Chiropractic Offices and Yoga Centers etc. Contact Tranquil Flow to learn more!


Feng Shui Analysis / Existing Space/ One Room

  1. One hour onsite visit
  2. Flying Star analysis / Cures and Enhancements
  3. Ming Gua report/ Favorable directions/Element/ Personal colors
  4. Paint selections
Additional Services / Hourly Rate
  1. Site selection/evaluation
  2. Design consultation
Feng Shui Analysis / Existing Space/ Multiple Offices

Note:Pricing determined by size of project and number of practitioners.

Sacred Space Design/ Residential

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Sacred Space consultations are available as an option if you do not want a full Feng Shui analysis of your home. (You may choose to have a reading on your master bedroom, home office or another room of your choosing.)

As our lives become increasingly busy it is more important than ever to return to a place that nurtures our spirit . In order to balance the energy within ourselves we must harmonize the energy in our environment so that it supports us physically , mentally , emotionally and spiritually. Spending time in sacred space helps remind us to reconnect with ourselves , renew and regenerate. In order to reap the full benefit’s we must use the true direction of the home (not an overlay based on the location of the front door).

A Classical Feng Shui reading will create a customized Bagua map based on the compass direction and construction date of your home, determine your Gua number based on your birth date which provides us information about your personal vibrational energy and destiny patterns so they can be harmonized with your surroundings. The reading will provide information about your favorable directions, element type ,best colors to surround yourself with and an analysis of the unique energy pattern of the room that was created at the time of construction. These patterns may produce favorable energy which can be enhanced or produce unfavorable energy which will need to be neutralized in order to help you improve your health and manifest your highest potential. Contact Tranquil Flow to learn more!

Sacred Space Package includes

  1. One hour onsite visit
  2. Ming Gua report (Favorable directions, element, best colors etc. – see Feng Shui FAQ)
  3. Flying Star analysis of room
  4. Cures and enhancements
  5. Paint color selection

Additional Services

  • Design consultation based on hourly rate if requested