Feng Shui and Your Health

“Authentic” Feng Shui is considered one of the eight branches of Chinese Medicine which includes Acupuncture, Exercise (Qi Gong, Tai Chi) , Meditation, Body Work, Herbal Medicine, Diet and Cosmology.

To understand how applying Feng Shui to your environment can improve overall health and well-being we must comprehend that we are deeply connected with our environment and are composed of and in a relationship with the elements of nature around us. We are intimately interconnected to the Universe in every atom of our being and learning to work in harmony with the natural forces instead of against them is the key to achieving greater balance and harmony in our lives.

The Bagua Map used in Traditional Feng Shui was created by ancient sages as a model of the universe based on very specific calculations related to the cardinal and intercardinal directions of the compass and is the key to understanding which area of the body is affected when a specific area in a building is out of balance.

When applying Feng Shui to improve health it is necessary to use the Bagua Map as it was originally created in relation to the directions and not simply an overlay based on the location of the front door. Each building and person is unique (See Feng Shui Facts).

Each direction is assigned a Trigram made up of three lines based on the unique yin and yang energy patterns that are combined and hold a secret to a wide range of factors that affect our lives including which area of the body is affected in either a positive or negative way based on the energy reading of the location.

bagua map meridian clock

According to Chinese Medicine the main causes of disease are explained next.

Climatic Factors/External Causes (Exopathogenic Influences)

  • Dryness
  • Heat
  • Dampness
  • Cold
  • Summer heat
  • Contagious Diseases

Internal Causes (Endopathogenic Influences)

  • Improper diet
  • Emotional instability
  • Physical and Mental stress/strain/overexertion
  • Prenatal and Congenital influences
Though imbalances in our buildings are not considered a climatic factor they are considered an external cause of disease. In a building everything in it (colors, shapes, forms, textures etc.) is composed of matter which correlates to at least one of the 5 elements. In order for the energy to flow properly transitioning from one phase to the other the elements must flow together in a productive cycle . If the flow is blocked as a result of a missing element the energy becomes compressed and radiation is released into the environment where it is absorbed as stress by the occupant reacting with their body and affecting their energy in a negative way. At this time a person may experience signs of irritability and discomfort but is unaware of the source . Unless remedied the negative influences can eventually contribute to the development of an illness.

  • Too little Fire element causes a lack of enthusiasm and emotional coldness
  • Too little Water element causes anxiety, and inability to handle stress
Any building with inadequate positive Qi will influence the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of the occupants in an unfavorable way which can manifest as:
  • Physical illness
  • Depression
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Decrease personal confidence and satisfaction
  • Relationship challenges
  • Inability to manifest fullest potential in life

Good health is the primary focus of Feng Shui. The application of the principles of Traditional Feng Shui will remove blockages of Qi in your environment, restore balance and help you manifest your life’s fullest potential.

How We Absorb Qi Physically and From Our Environment

Qi enters and influences the body in a variety of ways. On a physical level we absorb Qi from the air we breath and the food we eat. It also travels superficially along the skin and deep within the cells of the body. It is transported internally throughout the body in a subtle system of channels known as the Meridian’s. There are 12 Meridians located in anatomically precise lines throughout the body and are classified according to the opposing forces of Yin and Yang. Each Meridian is associated with an element, color, season, Yin organ, Yang organ, sense organ and tissue. If you look at the Bagua Map you will see that each direction is associated with these same things.

meridian clock

We are also influenced by our environment through the Subtle Body or Auric Field. Auric Fields surround all living organisms, including plants and animals as well as objects. One of the first images of an Aura was captured with Kirlian photography and is seen as an outline of cascading color. The subtle body has structure and consists of several interconnected layers which include the Etheric body, the Emotional body, the Mental body and the Causal body. The physical body is the densest layer. The list below includes basic information about how the body is influenced and processes energy from the environment.

  • Recognized as having seven layers
  • Draws in electromagnetic energy in the form of white light
  • Breaks down white light into its component color energies and sends to energy centers known as Chakras
  • Outer layers concerned with the soul and spirit
  • Inner layers relate to mind, emotions and health
  • Word comes from the Sanskrit “Cakra” meaning “Wheel” or “Circle”
  • Exist on the Etheric plane and resemble whirling wheels of energy
  • Aligned in an ascending column from base of spine to top of head
  • Interpenetrate one another and correspond to a color frequency, element and with a particular organ in the Meridian System and endocrine gland in the physical body
  • Vitalize the physical body when balanced
  • Keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body in balance
Etheric Body
  • Blueprint of the body, every cell has an etheric counterpart
  • Extends approximately one inch from the physical body
  • Serves as an antennae filtering and transferring ‘Qi’ from the universal energy field to the physical body
  • Interface between physical body and other subtle bodies of the aura
  • If flow of energy is disrupted or imbalanced the physical body is affected contributing to illness and disease
  • Structure involved in “Phantom” limb pain.
Emotional Body
  • Emotional state of individual
Mental Body
  • Contains thinking patterns
  • Conscious and unconscious thoughts
  • Manifestation of self
Causal Body
  • Soul or level of higher intuition
  • Spiritual path and direction in life

Most illnesses develop in the emotional, mental or spiritual body long before showing up as physical symptoms. Our energy systems are intelligent, when something is disrupted , blocked or slowed down information is sent out to the conscious level that something is wrong and needs to be addressed. Western Medicine while serving a purpose is trained to look at the physical body rather than everything in it’s entirety.

If you are suffering from chronic health challenges and want to learn how to create space that will support healing, or if you simply want to optimize your environment so you can function at your best, contact Tranquil Flow for more information.

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