Holistic Design for Infants and Children

Nursery and Children’s Spaces Packages

mother and baby
baby nursery
The main goal of Traditional Feng Shui is to create a good energetic foundation in which your children can thrive. Every building contains both beneficial and harmful energy patterns that were born with the building based on the construction date and other factors.

An analysis will be performed that will reveal specific information about the energy of the room your children occupy as well as determining their Gua number (see Ming Gua on FAQ page). The Gua number is based on their birth date and provides information about your child’s birth element, favorable directions and best colors to decorate with. These factors will be integrated to create a space that will support them energetically, promote health and healing, foster learning and support creativity throughout their young lives!

If you have several children and more than one room to choose for them an analysis will determine what room best supports the energy and health of each individual child.

If your child has health issues they will greatly benefit, as integrating Feng Shui, Chromo Therapy (Color Therapy) Principles and redesigning the space with environmentally safe furnishings, paints and fabrics can be part of the cure (see Chromo Therapy/Color Therapy). I am also a certified Chromo Therapist (Color Therapist) and Green Accredited Professional. Please feel free to contact me to learn more.

Basic Package includes

  1. Feng Shui Flying Star analysis of room. (Nursery, Bedroom , Playroom)
  2. Ming Gua report for each child (Determines birth element, favorable directions, best colors)
  3. Written report
  4. Paint selections

Additional Services

  • Design concept available at hourly rate or priced per square foot depending on scope of job.
Additional Package Options include:
  1. Design concept, furniture, fabric, flooring , window treatment and accessory selections  (to include Eco Friendly and Environmentally safe options upon request)
  2. Shopping with client upon request