Residential Consultations

feng shui residential Let me help you create an environment of distinction and harmony that “invites you in” an inner sanctuary of your dreams. My goal is to help my clients create sacred spaces that will enhance their prosperity, improve relationships and strengthen their health.
  • Come home to an environment that welcomes you and nourishes you
  • Live in a home that supports you and helps you to attract what you want in your life
  • See improvement in relationships and in the behavior of children
  • Attract abundance
  • Improve health and wellbeing
Before we meet I will ask for a sketch or a floor plan for review as well as filing out a detailed questionnaire. We will set up a phone consultation and determine whether or not you would like a Feng Shui consultation or a Holistic Design consultation. This is a comprehensive multilayered process in which the answers you provide give me valuable information and insights so that we can begin to create a personalized plan of how to implement Feng Shui or Holistic Design into your life. Following the phone consultation we will then set up a time for a site evaluation that will review the strength and weakness of your property and the effect they have on your life. In the case of a new home build or purchase we will review the site and floor plan to make sure you receive the maximum benefits and make corrections before any further progress is made. After the plans are implanted you have the option of choosing a space clearing and home blessing . This will help refresh your space and infuse it with positive intentions for the present and the future. You may choose between a traditional Feng Shui clearing ceremony or a Shamanic clearing ceremony followed by an Anyi Despacho

Purchasing A New Home

Before purchasing a new home consider utilizing Feng Shui. This can ensure that you are selecting the best home with the best energy. Prior to purchasing I can assess if the home will support your goals in life. Determining if the home has unstable or negative energy can help you prevent problems further down the road. There can be multiple problems that are incompatible with healthy Feng Shui, such as homes or business’s located on T- Intersections , front doors that open to stairways, fronth and rear doors that are aligned, Bathrooms located in the wealth and prosperity areas in the home etc. We can determine if cures can be implemented or if you need to find another property that would best support your needs.

Building A Dream Home

If you are planning on building your dream home incorporating Feng Shui from the beginning will ensure that your home supports you in every aspect of your life. Starting with the perfect site and the design of the home can help you take advantage of the most auspicious and prosperous energy that the land has to offer. The location of Fire elements (kitchens, stoves, fireplaces) and Water Elements ( bathrooms, laundry rooms and water features) will affect the prosperity and health and harmony of the entire family so a review of the floor plan is essential to ensure proper location.

Home Remodel

Once remodeling starts you are seriously moving the energy of your home. Planning your remodel using Feng Shui will help ensure you are not upsetting the balance in your home and can help attract good opportunities in life, improve relationships, wealth and prosperity.