“I purchased a beach house for an investment and vacation rental. I needed the decor to appeal to vacationers and be competitive with other homes on the rental market. Kandance delivered the perfect retreat with the colors she used and furniture she picked out. She put on the finishing touch with pictures and other knick knacks. The renters love the place and comment how relaxed they feel in the house. And, I treasure the time I can spend there…my stress is relieved when I open the door.” – Pam K.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kandace. I appreciated her patience, candor and warm demeanor. She took my concerns seriously and addressed them with care. When I first moved into my house I was displeased with the energy I felt inside. Kandace conducted a meticulous cleansing and explained the cleansing ceremony so I felt included and knowledgeable of the energies in my house as well as what to do to maintain peace and balance after she left. My plants, who were not enjoying my new house and were actually beginning to die almost immediately began to flourish after Kandace left! I know that plants absorb energies and it was amazing to see how well they responded to the new good energy. I look forward to seeing Kandace again soon for a Despacho.” – Emily W.

“I would like to thank you for working on my home and helping my family with Feng Shui. You truly have a holistic approach to your work while following Feng Shui Principles. Your prescribed cures have made a big difference in my life, my home and for my family. Your suggestions made my home feel much lighter in a positive way and more useful. I feel much better about my house now, my husband’s mood has improved and he has been given a well deserved opportunity at work after implementing the changes you recommended. You guided us with proper color choices for specific rooms, swapped my boys bedrooms for better results and I am spending more time with my family. I am also enjoying time at my new job. You not only helped with Feng Shui, you also helped me to understand the importance of self reflection, visualization and meditation. It helped me to understand why things are happening and on that basis how I can understand and channel my energy.” – Alpa B.