Healthy Home, Healthy Life

healthy home healthy life If you or a family member are suffering from chronic health conditions or are recovering from a serious illness Feng Shui can often help by mitigating negative circumstances resulting in an environment that reinforces good health.

Feng Shui is a powerful tool which analyzes the types of energy that enter the home from the different cardinal and intercardinal directions. There are 9 types of energy that when combined create patterns that can either nurture your health or create stress that contributes to sickness and weakens the immune system as well as external factors that aggravate negative energy patterns within the home.

A Feng Shui analysis will provide information that will allow me to determine which areas in the home need to be addressed as well as locating the best areas for you or your loved one to spend more time in to aid in recovery.

If you have a diagnosis from your Physician I can use that information, compare it with the information provided by your report and essentially write you a prescription as an additional complimentary resource that will provide specific instructions for you to apply that will harmonize the energy in your home allowing you to harness that power to improve your health.

Color can also be utilized as a powerful tool. Modern medicine now understands the healing properties of colors and many hospitals now use appropriate colors to decorate wards with very positive results.

I am also a Holistic Health professional and can incorporate Shamanic Energy Healing, Chromo therapy (Color Therapy), Integrative Reflexology and Massage as a service to address imbalances in the physical and energetic body which helps support healing on a deeper level. Please contact me for more information.

Package includes
  1. Feng Shui Analysis of interior and exterior of home
  2. Review of health challenges/concerns
  3. Written report with cures and enhancements
  4. Two hour onsite visit to review report
  5. Paint selections
  6. Follow up consultation for one hour three months after implementation of cures and enhancements.
Additional Services
  1. Six Session Package (two sessions per month for three months in conjunction with Feng Shui) to include combination or choice of Massage, Energy Work, Chromo therapy, Shamanic Healing and Integrative Reflexology at discounted rate.