Commercial Services

feng shui business Well balanced working environments maximize the potential for success. Feng Shui helps support the goals of the business, increases effectiveness of the level of creativity with minimum effort and less stress. Hidden energies are redirected in the workplace acting to further support a company’s goals. My goal is to support your business by creating a healthy and comfortable work environment. As an Interior Designer I have experience in Commercial Design and have been trained on Steel Case and Herman Miller office systems. As a Commercial Designer it was my job to create efficient space plans developing efficient flow of interaction between employees, customers, vendors and guests. Feng Shui further enhances the environment of your professional life including finances, business relationships and recognition.

Benefits for Business

  • Productive teamwork and high personnel morale
  • Increased profit &better staff retention
  • Enhanced creativity and initiative
  • More efficient use of space
  • Harmonious work environment
  • Better organized work space
A comprehensive Feng Shui Consultation is a multilayered process. A detailed questionnaire is filled out followed by a phone consultation which will enable to me to understand what your challenges are, what it is you would like to accomplish . The answers you provide give valuable information and insights so that we can start to create a personalized plan of how to implement Feng Shui into your business. We will then set up a time for a site evaluation where I will walk the space with you , evaluate your floor plan and make note of areas that need improvement. Depending on the scope of the project you will either get a written report or we will plan your project in stages.