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Kandace Schuman Dole is an Intuitive Empath, Entrepreneur, Holistic Design Consultant, Classical Feng Shui Consultant and Holistic Health Professional. She is the owner of Tranquil Flow Feng Shui & Holistic Spaces, and Tranquil Flow Holistic Health.

Tranquil Flow is a business dedicated to creating awareness of Holistic and Alternative options available that support a healthy and natural approach to living. Thus, empowering individuals to take ownership of their own well-being. Kandace’s passion is to motivate others, in creative and fun ways, to live an exuberant, abundant and healthy life through a multilevel approach to wellness.

Kandace integrates Holistic Health with her love of color and professional experience in Interior Design. This unique approach to Classical (Authentic) Feng Shui assists homeowners and business owners in designing spaces that support health, promote balance and help them live their lives to the fullest potential. Kandace is one of a very small handful of practitioners in the United States to offer this unique combination of credentials* and experience. *Please see extensive list of credentials below.
Kandace has completed over 120 hours of training in Feng Shui. She is a Certified Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional (ADFP). She completed hands-on training through the East Coast Institute of Feng Shui, a Gold Standard School, where she completed the Compass Mastery Course which included: Eight Life Aspirations, Form School, Ming Gua, Ba Zhai, Eight Wandering Stars, and Advanced Flying Star (Xuan Kong) Feng Shui. She was certified at the American Feng Shui Institute in East/West Theory, and took courses from Alan Stirling’s International Feng Shui School of Excellence and Joey Yap’s Feng Shui Academy.

Kandace’s Credentials

❖ Degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, 1983
❖ Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional, QC School of Design (AFDP)
❖ Certified Classical Compass Feng Shui Professional, East Coast Institute of Feng Shui (CCCFP)
❖ Certified Green Accredited Professional, Sustainable Furnishings Council
❖ Certified Benjamin Moore Color Consultant

❖ Diploma in Massage and Body Work, Body Therapy Institute, 2013
❖ Certified Integrative Reflexologist
❖ Certified Shamanic Practitioner in the tradition of the Fours Winds Society
❖ Diploma in Chromotherapy (Color Therapy)
❖ Professional Member of IFSG (International Feng Shui Guild)
❖ Allied Member of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers)

As a small child, Kandace noticed she could sense and feel the emotions and energies of other people while also detecting energetic changes in her surroundings. She was aware that some places made her feel happy and relaxed while others could make her uneasy or even depressed. This led to an interest in Interior Design; the spark of a 20-year career.

Kandace earned her Interior Design degree from The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. She practiced as a Commercial Designer in Florida and Chicago trained on Steelcase and Herman Miller office systems. She also worked as a Project Coordinator for Thomas Interior Systems. Kandace then built upon that experience by taking on a role as a Senior Designer for (the former) The Concept Group, designing model homes for builders such as Schumacher, Pulte, Centex and Cimmaron. She worked throughout the Midwest and East Coast receiving Gold and Silver Key awards for her designs. From there, Kandace transitioned to Residential Design eventually opening her own business, Concepts by Kandace, working independently with families to create beautiful, serene spaces. This was the period in which, through a design class, she was first introduced to Feng Shui. Even though she was experiencing great success in Chicago, Kandace’s health changed. She began to suffer from chronic pain and insomnia and Western medicine couldn’t find an answer. When opportunity presented itself in North Carolina, Kandace’s family embarked upon a new adventure.

Once settled in North Carolina, the health struggles Kandace had been fighting took a downward spiral requiring her to become her own health advocate. After a year of traditional medicine, she still had not received a diagnosis and the side effects from her treatment had become such a disruption in her life that even her ability to drive was impeded. Finally, it was determined that Kandace had been exposed to Lyme Disease, and a genetic metabolic disorder was uncovered. This blocked her liver from metabolizing medications, causing a buildup in her system. She began to seek treatment from Holistic Health practitioners and started to see improvement in the quality of her life. It was then that she developed an interest in studying holistic health. Encouraged by her holistic doctor, she began her holistic health career with the study of Massage Therapy. She earned a diploma in Massage from Body Therapy Institute.

While in massage school Kandace was introduced to Energy Healing through a class on Polarity Therapy. This is when she discovered that not only was she an Intuitive, she could also sense and feel energetic changes in the physical body through her hands during massage. Following graduation, she attended the lecture “How Quantum Physics Explains Energy Healing” by Mary Asterita-Robol, Ph.D., D.O. Dr. Asterita-Robol earned her Ph.D. in Physiology and Biophysics from Cornell University. Kandace was fascinated by the scientific explanation of energy healing and upon learning that hospitals had begun integrating Energy Healing modalities into patient care she decided to pursue Shamanic Energy Healing. Kandace earned her certification as a Shamanic Practitioner trained in the style of the Four Winds Society, and also studied Reiki and Chromotherapy (color therapy).

Kandace established Tranquil Flow and began seeking a way to design the perfect healing environment for her clients, which caused her to delve deeper into Feng Shui and how organically it combines with Holistic Healing. Classic Feng Shui is one of the eight systems of Chinese Medicine and is a practice dating back thousands of years. It is essentially Energy Healing for our built environments that involves physics, mathematics, science, astronomy and design. When properly applied Classic Feng Shui creates harmony between humans and nature, balances energies and promotes healthy energy circulation within the environment; it can be thought of as acupuncture for the environment.

In a world where we spend 90% of our time indoors Kandace seeks to help her clients reconnect their person and their environment to nature. She designs a space with intent to heal the energy and support the individual mind, body, and spirit. Kandace wants her clients to be able to settle into a place of tranquility, to improve their health, and ultimately, their lives as a whole. To create environments that are as organic and clean as possible, Kandace is a Green Accredited Professional. She is currently studying to become a Bau Biologist as well as taking CE courses on Biophilic Design through the American Society of Interior Designers.

In her free time, Kandace adores relaxing on the beach, but when she feels the need for adventure she turns to haunted ghost tours in historical cities and amusement parks.
Kandace’s passion is helping people who suffer from chronic health challenges, recovering from serious illnesses, or simply seeking more peace and tranquility in their environment. She invites you to reach out with your questions, concerns, and goals. She would be honored to support you in your journey to your greatest health and wellbeing.