Sustainability and Color

paint samples Did you know that color can help you save money while also having a positive effect on the environment? One of the major consumers of energy in the home or office is lighting. Approx 80% of consumers are already replacing traditional light bulbs with more energy efficient brands so lets learn how the correct use of color can also be used to create an even more positive impact.

Using what is called LRV ( Light Reflective Value) we know that light colors reflect light making rooms appear much lighter and brighter while dark colors absorb heat and light making rooms appear darker.

Colors can also convey a sense of temperature and are referred to as “warm” or “cool”. Warm colors appear to advance or move towards you while cooler colors appear to recede or move away from you. Rooms feel warmer and bright with the use of warm colors such as reds, yellows and oranges , while a warmer room can be cooled by utilizing blues and greens.

An example can be used by comparing the impact of sunlight in Miami Fla. vs. Seattle Wa. In Miami, the majority of the year is warm so many homes and buildings are painted in lighter yellows, blues, greens, beiges and white to reflect heat. Effective use of LRV will make the most of daylight in a space through reflection , therefore decreasing the reliance on artificial light sources.

Utilizing color properly in the environment can not only help facilitate healing, calm and relax the mind, enhance creativity , foster social interaction, boost productivity , and attract customers it can help the environment and save money as well!