Home Staging Package

How your home presents is an integral part of getting a home sold quickly. It helps potential buyers visualize what it might be like for them to live in the home which is critical in getting an offer. The energy of your home and how it “feels” is equally important. The home may look perfect and have all the qualities a buyer is looking for but they will pass on it for reasons they may not even be conscious of, finding fault with the most insignificant things if it does not feel right for them. Divorce, illness , financial issues, foreclosures or a death in the home will affect the energy in a negative way unless remedied in addition to external factors that may be a cause for concern. Applying Feng Shui Principles, in addition to good staging, can help solve problems that may cause potential buyers to look elsewhere. It will help improve curb appeal, increase value and create an ambiance that adds to the marketability of the property. Home Staging Package Includes:
  1. Feng Shui evaluation of the interior and exterior of your home.
  2. On site visit to your home for one to two hours including a detailed walk through of the property with suggestions that will help you get your home ready to show and how to maximize your property’s selling potential.
  3. Paint color selections.
  4. Recommendations made for what items should stay or go, room function, space planning, furniture rental information (if necessary) and accessory placement.
  5. A comprehensive written report will be provided subsequent to the meeting outlining a DIY list.

Additional Services

Space Clearing Benefits:
  1. Clears emotional attachments.
  2. Clears negative energy caused by divorce, financial issues, trauma , illness or death.
  3. Harmonizes and uplifts the atmosphere
  4. Helps difficult homes to turn quickly