“I have a persistent shoulder injury I caused when lifting weights in my early 20s. The injury was never allowed to fully heal and only recently, at 45, did I start to work with massage and a chiropractor to start healing the area. Two years later I met Kandi, who described a different way to approach the healing that she felt would help my injury. The work involved a combination of compression with stretching that helped get to the core location of the problem. She also did deep tissue massage as part of the overall therapy. We did a couple of sessions involving all three techniques and then she assigned me various stretches to help maintain the work she had done and restore muscle memory. The compression work helped break down scar tissue from the original injury. Following her recommendations, I have been able to return to lifting and work on the healing process. She was very thorough when working with me and going over the stretches I would need to do after and between our session. I can highly recommend her and the technique she used.” – Philip Y.

“A few months ago, I came to Kandace looking for some assistance with trust issues in my life. She was understanding, patient, and caring with my situation and offered to perform a Shamanic illumination healing for me in order to find and eliminate the source of the problem. Though nervous at first, I saw that she was very confident in her practice, and I went for it. The illumination itself was quick but a very emotional process from my side, as emotions I had hidden for years sprang up to be cleared by this amazing woman. As the emotions continued to clear, Kandace discovered that a soul retrieval was needed. It was at no extra cost: just for my healing. I accepted her offer, and she completed a soul retrieval related to my trust issues while I calmly listened to soothing music. When the illumination and soul retrieval were both finished, Kandace did an excellent job of helping me understand why I felt as I had through the years and led me to new patterns of thinking in order to keep the trust issues from returning. Months later, I still haven’t returned to the old pattern. This kind service from Kandace has helped me dramatically, and I highly recommend that everyone go see her! She is incredible!” – Meredith B.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kandace. I appreciated her patience, candor and warm demeanor. She took my concerns seriously and addressed them with care. When I first moved into my house I was displeased with the energy I felt inside. Kandace conducted a meticulous cleansing and explained the cleansing ceremony so I felt included and knowledgeable of the energies in my house as well as what to do to maintain peace and balance after she left. My plants, who were not enjoying my new house and were actually beginning to die almost immediately began to flourish after Kandace left! I know that plants absorb energies and it was amazing to see how well they responded to the new good energy. I look forward to seeing Kandace again soon for a Despacho.” – Emily W.

“Mark and I have been receiving Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology sessions from Kandace for the last 6 months. She has been an angel in working through both of our various physical issues, being very sensitive and responsive to our individual needs. Her work space is excellent. It is very clean, calm and relaxing. We both would not hesitate to recommend her services!” – Tinka J.

“I found the space at Tranquil Flow was very soothing to my senses, wonderful colors and good feeling vibes as soon as you step into the space. My most recent treatment at Tranquil Flow was a Reflexology Session with Kandace, she first presented me with a soothing foot soak followed by a foot massage. I had just been getting over an upper respiratory infection and as Kandace massaged my feet I could feel the loosening of the leftover remnants in my lungs. She hit all the appropriate pressure points, which I noticed stimulated other internal organs and helped me release toxins from my body due to the medication I had just finished. I left feeling refreshed and aligned. Feeling Tranquil.” – Roe D.

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