kandace Kandace is an Intuitive, Empath, Interior Designer, Certified ADFP (Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional) and a Holistic Heath Practitioner which includes training as a licensed Massage Therapist , Certified Integrative Reflexologist, Certified Chromo therapist (Color Therapist) and a Shaman trained in the tradition of the Q’uero Shaman’s of the Peruvian Andes.

She is a professional member of IFSG ( International Feng Shui Guild ), an Accredited Green Professional through “The Sustainable Furnishings Council” and is an Allied Member of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers).

Graduating in 1983 with an AS in Interior Design from the Art institute of Ft. Lauderdale she began practicing and gaining experience as a Commercial Designer trained on Steel Case and Herman Miller Office Systems. This allowed her to hone her skills in space planning and project management. From there she transitioned to a position as a Senior Designer , working for a company that designed model homes for builders such as Pulte, Centex and Cimmaron throughout the Midwest and East Coast receiving Gold and Silver key awards for her designs. She then practiced as a Residential Designer until marrying and starting a family continuing to freelance as a Design Consultant part time. Eventually she decided to stay at home with her children and began practicing as a Birth Doula helping women through childbirth.

Shortly after marrying, she began to develop chronic health issues which included joint pain, chronic sore throat and insomnia. As her symptoms became increasingly severe , traditional medical treatments did nothing to help and eventually made things worse, interfering with her everyday life including driving.

In addition to that she suffered severe side effects from medications prescribed to treat her symptoms, eventually learning that she had a genetic anomaly that interfered with the metabolism of certain medications leaving them in her system for longer periods of time and in higher amounts. Eventually she learned that she had been exposed to Lyme Disease which was then thought to have been the cause of her symptoms.

As a result of this Kandace became her own advocate and began pursuing Holistic and Alternative health options which included consultations with Naturopathic, Chiropractic and Osteopathic Physicians. Gradually her health improved and during this time she developed an interest in pursuing a career in Holistic Health. Encouraged by her physicians she began to pursue training in Massage Therapy which had helped her manage chronic pain . As an Intuitive Empath she always knew she was sensitive to energetic changes in the environment and people but she began to understand that she could sense and feel energetic changes in the physical bodies of her clients. Fascinated by this, she attended a lecture on Quantum Physics and Healing by Dr. Mary Asterita -Robol, Ph,D , DO. The lecture inspired her to pursue further training in Energy Healing which included “Energy Healing for Massage Therapists, Reiki, and Shamanic Healing and Chromo therapy ( Color Therapy).

As a Designer turned Holistic Health Professional it was inevitable that she would begin to envision the perfect healing environment for her clients and picked up a book on Feng Shui . After some research she learned that the ancient art and science of Feng Shui was essentially Energy Healing for built environments.

Like Acupuncture , Feng Shui is one of the eight branches of Oriental Medicine. Acupuncture clears blockages by optimizing the body’s energy circulation to tissues, organ’s and glands in order to promote health and well being. The ancients knew it was equally important to make sure their environments had healthy energy circulation.

We spend 90 percent of our time indoors. We are continually affected by the energy around us, therefore our living and work spaces should be healthy and life affirming. This includes good energy flow, good air quality, healing light, and color. In today’s fast paced world we should return each day to a place of tranquility , rest and inspiration where we feel nurtured and protected in order to function at our best.

Feng Shui harmonizes our interior environments by balancing the elements of nature as well as promoting good energy flow. Kandace’s goal with Tranquil Flow is to create a business that provides services that support and nurture the body through Massage and Energy Work as well as helping her clients create environments that support the Body, Mind and Spirit as well as nurturing all of the senses.

She utilizes an integrative approach combining intuition , compassionate listening and technical skills to provide restorative and therapeutic treatment that will aid the body in the natural process of healing and encourages her clients to become advocates for their own health and well being.

She invites you to keep an open mind and pay attention to your surrounding , you may just be surprised at what you discover about yourself!

She is excited to begin this new journey helping you to discover your own path to health and well being.

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