“We moved into a new apartment four months ago and as it turns out, it had a history of violence and negativity thanks to the apartment’s previous tenants. Our experience is something that I think one truly must have experienced first-hand to completely wrap their mind around. In our first few weeks of residency, we worked to get repairs completed to our apartment and patch up the remnants of hostility and violence in our new home. In the days and weeks that followed, we started experiencing strange odors, moving shadows, glimpses of apparitions, unexplained goosebumps, sounds of footsteps on the carpet, tapping on the walls and furniture, doors closing on their own, my hair being played with during waking and sleeping hours, and our TVs, cable boxes and a lamp would cut off at random via their switches. The apartment had a dark, oppressive, sad and somewhat negative feel to it.

I went to see Kandi for my regularly scheduled monthly massage and she offered to perform a blessing on our apartment. As her other treatment options have helped immensely with my SLE Lupus, Fibromyalgia and Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease over the past several years, I took her up on her offer and scheduled her to come by to perform a blessing. By coincidence, my boyfriend and I had noticed that the activity in our home was being tracked on my name brand Bluetooth activity tracker watch, which uses EMF technology to track one’s cardio output, steps, weight, etc. During the early morning hours, when most of the activity would occur and my watch lay on my bedside table, my name brand Bluetooth activity tracker watch would spike into yellow and red cardio activity with calories burned logged sometimes over 2,000 calories.

The day Kandi came by, the activity dropped off almost as soon as she arrived and has not resumed since. We left our apartment for about an hour, so that Kandi could perform the blessing and upon our return, our pet rabbit was relaxed, the apartment was brighter, and the atmosphere felt light and clean. It continues to be activity free and at least once a month, I continue cleaning the space as instructed for energy maintenance purposes.

I would highly recommend having any space blessed (regardless of activity) and would have any new residence I move to in the future blessed for the sake of creating a positive fresh start for the next chapter of my life.” – Jennifer R.

“I moved into my home about 6 years ago – unbeknownst to Kandace, my home had a history. For 6 years I felt a sense of emptiness, sadness, and an overall anxious vibe. I wasn’t in love with my space and knew it was affecting my overall well-being. I wanted to love my space. I wanted to rid my home of any negative feelings. I asked Kandace to come out and do a cleansing of my home. After the cleansing we had a chat – she mentioned feeling a heavy heart, sadness, and awful vibes when she was in the basement. Well, I informed Kandace of the history of my home. Previous owners had a son that suffered from Schizophrenia, he lived in the basement – his parents passed and he was left to fend for himself until the Mental Health unit came to institutionalize him. I can’t thank Kandace enough for giving me back my home. I have since fallen in love with my space, my friends and family can feel a difference when they walk into my home. We (my home and I) are at peace.” – Blanca M.

“I purchased a beach house for an investment and vacation rental. I needed the decor to appeal to vacationers and be competitive with other homes on the rental market. Kandance delivered the perfect retreat with the colors she used and furniture she picked out. She put on the finishing touch with pictures and other knick knacks. The renters love the place and comment how relaxed they feel in the house. And, I treasure the time I can spend there…my stress is relieved when I open the door.” – Pam K.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kandace. I appreciated her patience, candor and warm demeanor. She took my concerns seriously and addressed them with care. When I first moved into my house I was displeased with the energy I felt inside. Kandace conducted a meticulous cleansing and explained the cleansing ceremony so I felt included and knowledgeable of the energies in my house as well as what to do to maintain peace and balance after she left. My plants, who were not enjoying my new house and were actually beginning to die almost immediately began to flourish after Kandace left! I know that plants absorb energies and it was amazing to see how well they responded to the new good energy. I look forward to seeing Kandace again soon for a Despacho.” – Emily W.

“I would like to thank you for working on my home and helping my family with Feng Shui. You truly have a holistic approach to your work while following Feng Shui Principles. Your prescribed cures have made a big difference in my life, my home and for my family. Your suggestions made my home feel much lighter in a positive way and more useful. I feel much better about my house now, my husband’s mood has improved and he has been given a well deserved opportunity at work after implementing the changes you recommended. You guided us with proper color choices for specific rooms, swapped my boys bedrooms for better results and I am spending more time with my family. I am also enjoying time at my new job. You not only helped with Feng Shui, you also helped me to understand the importance of self reflection, visualization and meditation. It helped me to understand why things are happening and on that basis how I can understand and channel my energy.” – Alpa B.

“How to live in a world that overwhelms me. That’s been my challenge my whole life. As a child, I suffered from asthma, eczema and allergies. I had few friends, struggled with school and often had tantrums. As a teenager, I engaged in various (unhealthy) behaviors to not feel how overwhelmed I really felt. For the last 40 years, I have written letters and prayers in my personal journals in a never ending attempt to sort out the myriad of feelings I experienced. I’ve consulted many different therapists. One of my first therapists, taught me about highly sensitive people. Finally, I had a name and clearer understanding about what living in this world is like for me. I still didn’t fully embrace my high sensitivity. How could I? There was very little compassion for highly sensitive people. Well-meaning friends, family members, colleagues and acquaintances would give me feedback that I just needed to get over myself, get a thicker skin, ignore my feelings, relax etc. It seemed that there was really no place for me and my sensitivities. But it’s not possible for a person like me to just “flip a switch” and not be highly sensitive.

I seem to feel everything. I feel other peoples’ feelings. I feel animals’ feelings. I swear I can even feel the plants. I’ve been called an empath. Before, when I didn’t understand what was impacting me, I would get upset at those around me, finding things that they were doing and blaming those things for my uncomfortable feelings. Other times I would blame my house, the arrangement of the furniture, the color of the walls, etc, etc. Or outside my house, I’d blame the landscaping or the gardens or the lawn. I spent endless hours rearranging furniture, buying furniture, rugs or throw pillows, painting and repainting walls, tackling landscape projects…the list goes on and on and on. I tried to learn the “right” way to decorate and landscape, thinking that would make things feel right for me. I even designed and built my own house thinking that would help. I consulted interior designers and landscape architects. I read books on the subjects. Unfortunately, over and over and over again, I would feel no real change. Oh, I’d feel good about getting the project done (who doesn’t feel good with a sense of accomplishment), but then I’d be right back where I was before, feeling uncomfortable in my environment and plagued by chronic health and/or emotional issues.

Last summer was particularly difficult for me. I felt like I could barely go on. By God’s grace, even when I’m at the end of my rope, I will grab hold and start to look for solutions. The idea of Feng Shui came into my thoughts. I had dabbled in Feng Shiu many, many years ago. I pulled out the few books I have about Feng Shiu, and tried to wrap my mind around understanding the concepts and figuring out what to do. I couldn’t. So then I searched the internet looking for someone to help me. I found the Tranquil Flow Feng Shui & Holistic Spaces website. I felt like what Kandace offered was just too good to be true. It was exactly what I was looking for. An expert who could assess my environment and help me at a very reasonable price.

I called Kandace and set up an appointment. From our phone call and our first meeting, I knew I had come upon someone who could finally help sort out what was affecting me. Kandace quickly figured out that I was very sensitive, and she valued my sensitivities! Finally, I felt like my being a highly sensitive person was accepted and appreciated! Kandace understood and was able to explain why I was having so many challenges with my home! And she gave me things to do to improve the energy flow in my home, things that would help me feel better. It’s been amazing. Every meeting, every conversation, every email, every report, I have had with Kandace and from Kandace I have learned more. I have a much, much clearer understanding about why I feel the way I do. I also have things I can do, remedies to address the imbalances. It’s the imbalances that are the problem, especially for me because I am so very sensitive! What I feel is real! For the first time in my life, my sensitivities are appreciated! Thank you, Kandace, for helping me to value my sensitivities and teaching me how to mitigate the imbalances that inevitably come and that cause me to feel what I feel! You really are a blessing in my life!” – R.R